Our Story

Golden Grass handmade jewellery has much more to show than its raw material. It is was a beautiful result of handcraftsmanship, history and sustainable practices gathered to be transformed into a unique piece of jewellery.
The philosophy behind ethical handmade jewellery is the core of Melancia.
Jewellery handcrafted with heart and soul


Our creations are the result of natural materials, responsibly sourced, transformed through a sustainable method of production. It is our intention that the decisions of the artisan are seen in each product, this is what gives them character.

Golden Grass

Golden Grass is a delicate flowering plant that grows wildly in JalapĆ£o, a savannah-like expanse within the northern region of Brazil.
The stems present an intrinsic metallic shine and although resistant they have the precise flexibility for intricated weaved pieces.
The result is an elaborated, and surprisingly lightweight, crafted piece of a unique golden hue.

Our Values

Empower People
We work together with independent businesses and craftsmen associations, building up relationships and pursuing mutual success. Associations create a safe working environment for the artisans, providing education, improving their business skills through fair trade and promoting a better future for the members of the community.
A handmade piece carries along a special story bonded by the experienced hands of the artisan inspired by their legacy and their surroundings. We believe the only way of sustaining and protecting traditional artforms is to cherish and celebrate their real value, to keep it alive for generations to come.

What is Melancia

Melancia is the Portuguese word for watermelon, a fruit of vibrant colours and generous proportions.
Some may say just enough to have one around your neck to drawn attention to yourself.
We love watermelon but to bring over the eyes and embellish feminine natural beauty we prefer Melancia Eco-Jewellery.