When you look closely at this artisanal jewellery you will see nuances and variances in hues and textures. When you touch them you will sense different tactile experiences.

But why this happen?

Golden grass was originally arranged in lines, sewed together as the plant stalks run alongside each other – the original technique used by the native Xerente to create baskets and containers to hold on to food.

As the time passed by, the local artisans started to explore possibilities, they came across a variety of new techniques and incorporated into their creations. They plaited and intertwined. They chained loops and teardrop shapes. They introduced metal to play around with lines and shapes.

They embellished their bodies, and Golden Grass Jewellery was born.

The next time you see a piece of this natural fibre transformed into jewellery, be sure to be amazed by the richness it carries within – stories, knowledge and experiences passed on for generations.