Did you know that some jewelleries are made with plants?

Golden Grass is an example of that – the little flower grows wildly in the central region of Brazil, in the state of Tocantins and has been firstly used by the native Xerente for baskets and containers to storage food.

When the Quilombola communities started to establish in the area they learnt the technique of weaving the plant and, in time, they were creating pieces to decorate their bodies and Golden Grass Jewellery was born.

With a long stalk of unique golden hues, the plant has the precise flexibility required for weaving and the proper strength to last for years.

When walking on the valley of Jalapão Park you may even not notice this little flower among the wide variety of other wild plants, but the experienced eyes of the local artisans quickly gather a bunch, forming an impressive bouquet soon to be transformed.

They still produce a wide variety of items with golden grass, but Golden Grass jewellery will go with you wherever you’re.

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